Getting Started

Brochure Fundraiser with Delivery to Your Group

Register Your Fundraiser

It’s easy to get your Little Caesars® Fundraiser started!  Register Online at your convenience or call us Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. ET at 1-888-452-5487, Option 2. We'll help schedule your preferred week of delivery, send your brochures, and get your group/organization on the way to earning BIG dough!

Big! Big! Profit

The more Little Caesars® Pizza Kits your group/organization sells, the more dough you make. Earn $6 on every Kit sold! You’ll be amazed at how quickly your profits add up!

Selling Period

We recommend actively selling for 2-3 weeks. During this time, your Sellers collect orders and payment via brochure from friends & family.  Checks or money orders should be made paybale to your group/organzation. Your supporters can order online, too. All orders are delivered to your group's location at the end of the fundraiser.

Placing Your Order

We suggest allowing yourself one week to collect brochures & payment from your Sellers, prior to placing your final order. Orders are due on Monday, two (2) weeks prior to your preferred week of delivery. After we've received your order, we'll schedule your exact delivery date & time, and your order will be delivered in bulk to one single location. Starting February 1, 2024, a minimum of 100 items is required for FREE delivery. Sell 50-99 items and we will deliver with a $50 delivery fee. (Minimums, delivery fees and/or freight charges vary in Canada.)

Making Payment

Payment for your group/organization’s order is due at delivery.  The delivery driver will accept payment in the form of a school check, cashier’s check or money order. Delivery drivers cannot accept cash, organization/personal/starter checks or credit cards.

Delivery Day

Your Kits will be delivered in bulk directly to your group/organization's location in a refrigerated truck. To ensure a quick and smooth delivery, be sure to have your delivery in an accessible area, avoiding stairs whenever possible.  Enlist one volunteer helper for every 100 items sold to ensure sorting and distributing your orders goes smoothly.  Schedule pick-up for your customers 1-3 hours after your delivery time to allow enough time to unload, count and sort orders. Delivery minimums and fees will apply. Minimums and freight charges may vary in Canada.

Start Your Brochure Fundraiser with Delivery to Your Group


Online Ship-to-Home Fundraiser

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