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" Our Religious Education Program would like to Thank You for your fantastic products and great customer service. We have been participating in your Program since 2001, and have raised over $10,000.00. This money has assisted in the funding for our addition to our hall, which is now under construction. Your Program has allowed the students to participate directly with the new addition. Thank You! Thank You! Little Caesars Pizza Kits for helping us make our dream a reality.”
- S. M. Tyckowski

“Not Only do WE love Little Caesars Pizza Kit Fundraising Program, our PARENTS do too! Each year this is our most requested fundraiser. The pizzas pretty much sell themselves and Little Caesars Pizza Kit customer service is top-notch!”
- C. Ladish

“Pizza Kits are always a great seller…people ask when will you be having another sale? They actually look forward to making purchases!”
- K. Brown

This year out of a class of 100 we only had 7 students not participate in the sale. Our Little Caesars Pizza Kit Fundraiser has a reputation because it promotes a high quality item that is also a good value. It is an easy sale!”
- J. Oberhaus

“This has been a successful fundraiser for us for the past 7 years, the product is high quality and the service right down to the delivery has always been wonderful, our community does not tire of Pizza Kits, and they start looking forward to the sale in May”
- L. Strickland

“I am very pleased with your service, our order was complete and damage free.  This time there was a "glitch", we were all snowed in on our delivery day!  But the delivery service went above and beyond and found a way to reach me at my home and put my mind at ease with a new delivery date. Thank you for your professionalism.”
- D. Munson

“I am sending this e-mail today to thank you for a successful fundraiser…Our preschool was pleased with your service and your products.  We plan on participating in this fundraiser again next fall.  Thank you very much!”
- M. Foust

“Our delivery was perfect! Everything went off so well and the driver was great and very helpful. This is our third sale with you and we just love it!!!”
- C. Forbes

“This sale was awesome! We are from a low-income area and these kits were so easy to sell you would never know we are in a low income area. We will be doing this every year. Our driver was fantastic!
- J. Murine

“...Pizza Kits is so great.  From the first person I talked to,
to the driver at delivery, to the service now
with arranging a pick up for a customer.”
- C. Pipps

The Pizza Kits are an excellent value, they are easy and fast to prepare, and they taste good.
- D. Christofferson                        

…Always generous with ingredients.
- M. A. Hanes

Very Good!!  Very generous with the cheese!
Don't know how it could get any better.
- S. S. Guenthner

We loved it!!  Tried it with friends - they loved
it!! Liked the beef flavoring, liked the crust…
It's a keeper!!
- J. Bachman

My Dad… can't stop eating it!
- M. Henke

We purchased several of your Pizza Kits,
Cheese Bread Kits, and Cookie Dough from our
niece for her school fundraiser...they were GREAT!!!…If we knew how good the products
would be, we would have ordered more during
her fundraiser....
- D. Reed

I bought a Pizza Kit from my friend's daughter
for her school.  We really enjoyed the pizza and
the convenience of making it ourselves.
- A. Agnone

My family loves the pizza. I have not heard
anyone who was disappointed with their order,
they only wish they had ordered more
- M. Hickleberry

...My family received a Pizza Kit and 4 Cookie Dough at Christmas from relatives.  I just wanted to say how easy and super delicious the pizza was and even the cookies!!!   Just wanted to say GREAT JOB!- A. Struck

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