Successful Fundraising Tips & Tools

Tips To Fundraising Success

All the ingredients for a successful fundraiser are just a click away once you register for a fundraiser! You’ll find handy tools & tips to help you easily manage your fundraiser and boost your sales. 

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Starting a Fundraiser Tips

  • Fundraising Checklist - Refer to this checklist to ensure a successful fundraiser. 
  • Fundraiser Kick-Off Guide - A step-by-step guide to ensure an easy and informative Kick-Off. 
  • Publicity Ideas and Ready-To-Go Press Release - “Get the word out” before your fundraiser starts! 
  • Group Goal Poster - Another great way to keep your sellers motivated and reach your fundraising goal.


Reminder Letters/Notices

  • Announcement Letter - Ready-to-go Announcement Letter can be put on your letterhead to distribute to parents/group/organization members before your fundraiser begins. 
  • Teacher/ Leader's Reference Sheet - Distribute to each teacher/group/organization leader so they can familiarize themselves with fundraiser sales procedures. 
  • Order Forms Due Reminder Notice - Distribute to all Sellers a few days before Order Forms are due. 
  • Delivery Day Reminders Notice - Distribute Reminder Notices to all Sellers a few days prior to delivery. Also distribute Delivery Day Reminder Notices for your Sellers to give to their customers.

Delivery Support

  • Delivery Day Checklist - Use this helpful checklist to ensure everything runs smoothly on delivery day.


Poster The Town

We'll provide FREE posters upon request to help promote your fundraiser! Parents can hang them in the break room at work, in your house of worship, or in area shops. Put them any place that might catch the eye of buyers to boost your sales.

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